" The most important aspect for your wedding day makeup is, can I look out of the world yet look natural? Can the makeup stay in place for long? but when I met Pushpa all I could do was lock all my worries in a closet! Every girl’s dream is to look gorgeous and elegant on her wedding day and for me it was a lucrative offer to have Pushpa as my stylist and makeup artist..She is extremely talented and skilled, uses the best and safe products, understands the clients needs and gives a complete package( which is a total value for money deal) off course with her wide range of industry expertise and the bottom line – she is a quality human being!!…she gave me a mix of three different looks – ethnic, glamorous, and contemporary which was just apt for the wedding pics too! I couldn’t have landed in a better place than Pushpa’s hands! Like one of the sayings “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”..so does our pretty Pushpa! Lots of love and Hugs to my dear Pushpa Babes!!! 🙂 "

-Lavanya Kondur

“ I met Pushpa for the first time when i was desperately trying to find someone to do my makeup for my wedding last year and i must say that she is a god send. She was so helpful from the outset and gave me lots of advice both around skincare in preparation for the big day and also gave me great ideas for different styles of make up which would complement my dress. The trial i did with her gave me the chance to test out different ideas and to make sure i was happy with the results. On the day itself she was a calming influence amid the chaos! The results for myself, were truly elegant, classical and stylish. Pushpa also ensured that I was fully prepared for the long day ahead by providing me with lipstick and powder for touch ups during the day. Pushpa is both a consummate professional and an exceptionally talented make up artist.She also brings in to the job her own brand of creative energy which magically enhances the ultimate result- End Result – Everyone is Happy + Memorable Wedding Pictures! Thanks a million for my wedding day makeup. Im singing your praises everywhere . You were amazing. "

- Samyukta Sunku

“Make-up was the last thing on my mind when i started planning my wedding.. It was my luck to have found you at the last minute . You have no idea how much you have helped me and how much time you have saved me. I have never seen anyone with so much talent , being so humble and accommodating as you. I particularly appreciate the talent that you have for listening to any vague ideas and turning them into an organized professional package. You are very creative and have a unique ability to sift through all of our disjointed thoughts and identify the critical message we need to deliver to you, be it our so called “Dream look ” or accessories . You have brilliant ideas and are very generous in sharing them, which are value adds for brides like us!! What I like about you is your ability to get things done on a timely basis, from waking me up on time in the morning to making sure i was completely ready on time!! Even though i did not give you as much time you had asked for. Your work is very personalized and reflects who we are at the end of the day and makes us SHINE!! You are a gifted artist who delivers beyond what one might possibly believe!!! Your skills are exceptional and they come with a big loving heart. I am forever grateful for how you saw me and brought that to life on the very special occasion of my life.. You give your 101% and I feel more than fortunate to know you . I would love recommending your services to everyone.”

- Shruthi Rajan

“Pushpa did hair for the bride (That’s my sister ) , my mother and myself for the wedding day and everyone looked great. For a wedding it is crucial to refer someone reliable, talented and affordable. Pushpa exceeds those standards. She did a wonderful job for all the ladies !!!!!!

- Achala Revankar

“Pushpa is very talented and a professional. Her makeup style is very natural and it went well with all my wedding occasions. I looked very pretty and elegant in the photos too. She was on time for all the functions. I am glad I chose her for my wedding makeup.”

- Subhashini Gopal

“Pushpa is the best makeup artist i have come across. She knows how to make anyone look like a “perfect bride”. she made me look very beautiful on my special day that everyone kept on complimenting. My husband was very much impressed and prefers her to be my make artist for any of the future occasions in the family. Her work is no doubt very classy and polished. Thanks you Pushpa. I’m so happy to find the ‘BEST’ makeup artist 🙂 ”

- Arathi Babu

“I got to know Pushpa through a common friend of mine and trust me she’s good at what she does.When i finished my make up the confidence it gave me during my wedding was totally unparalled. She’s puntual , energetic , understanding and dynamic.She’s who i would reccomend anyday. I wish Pushpa all the best in her endeavours.”

- Maithreyee Gowda

“When Pushpa started doing bridal makeup and putting up pictures of her beautiful brides on fb, I jokingly remarked that she had finally given me a reason to think of getting married. A year later when I decided to get married, I turned to Pushpa for my bridal makeup. I had a million questions in my mind–what look do I want? Would a completely traditional South-Indian look suit me? Where to buy all the accessories from? and Pushpa patiently suggested ideas and places to look for. With the lack of sleep, stress and exhaustion from all the pre-wedding ceremonies acting against you, the last thing you want is a bad makeup on your D-day. Pushpa is a thorough professional-she was on-time to the wedding hall, she was quick and she knows what she is doing. She changed my perception of makeup. Her makeup enhances your best features while correcting your not-so-perfect ones. She made me look like a million bucks. Now, when I look at my wedding pics, it makes me happy to see that I looked my best on my wedding day and all credits go to Pushpa.”

- Akshatha

“I decided to get my wedding makeup done by Pushpa after being referred by Nishal and that was one of the best decisions I think I made regarding the makeup. Having very little time, I did not even take a trial from her after looking at her pictures of some of her work. She made me feel at ease the very first time we met and knew exactly what I wanted and what I did not. Pushpa was very professional, very friendly and most importantly well in time and finished makeup atleast half hour before I was supposed to be ready. Being very skeptical about makeup and hyperallergic to almost everything, I have no complaints about the quality of products she used. She listened to me when I said I did not want to look anything more than my natural skin shade and wanted a very simple look and she gave me exactly what I wanted. Everybody complimented me on the makeup and some of them took her details for future use. So ladies, if you want a very natural yet elegant look, I would highly recommend Pushpa.”

- Prithvi Vijayamohan

“A woman so professional and organized, yet no ego or unnecessary attitude. I just had to tell her ONCE about what I wanted and she did her homework and she created history. It is very important for a dancer to look like himself/herself on stage and I have never felt so comfortable in makeup. So simple, yet dramatic. So elegant, yet stylish. It’s so easy to work with a woman like this because she is ready to learn anything new and ready to grow as a person as well as a good artist. What’s different about her is that she keeps it simple and explains as to why she uses a particular lipstick color or an eye shadow etc”.I quote, “SHE MAKES MAKEUP LOOK LIKE AN ART, WHERE YOUR FACE AND HEAD IS HER CANVAS AND YOU ARE A PORTRAIT READY TO BE FRAMED.”

- Roshini Vijayakumar

“So, every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day, I wanted too. But, it wasnt easy for me as I had severe/deep pitted acne scars all over my face and the very thought of close up shots were giving me nightmares. As much as I wanted to cover my scars, i wanted my make up to be natural and not cakish. I did my research 2 months in advance and Pushpa is the name that appeared on top of my searches everytime. I decided to call her and find out, she promptly answered her phone and listened to my needs patiently. After the first trial, I requested for a few changes and insisted that I come for a second trial, which she very politely agreed to. I was extremely pleased with my second trial and was eagerly looking forward to my wedding day which was still a month to go. She kept in regular touch with me through smses as the day neared and she was bang on time for all my ceremonies. I have never looked this good before and the make up was flawless. I had praises galore and without her, all this could have really not been possible. Her reception hair do completely changed my look and my relatives still talk about how beautiful I looked at my wedding. So, if you are somebody looking for a warm, talented, professional make up artist, look no futher! Pusha Krishnappa is your key to looking fabulous!”

- Divya Muralidharan

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